Supporting students experiencing food insecurity

With the excitement of walking on a college or university campus for the first time, the last thing that any student should have to worry about is food insecurity. Last year, 15% of Cal Poly Pomona students were homeless at least once and 36% did not have enough to eat. This data comes from a 2018 Basic Needs Study conducted by California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. 

Due to the number of students that suffer from food insecurity some colleges/universities are providing food pantries for their students. The Claremont Area Chapter of The Links, Incorporated has taken up the challenge to works towards providing a solution for this staggering social issue. Members of the chapter have joined forces with the Cal Poly Pomona Mobile Food Pantry on a monthly basis to provide groceries and toiletries for up 400 students each month. Members volunteer to serve students (filling and distributing food bags) in a non-judgmental and flexible shopping environment by tailoring hours around meal times and student availability. 

The chapter has also supported the Broncos Care Meal Assistance Program by providing funding for students with food insecurity with a campus meal point gift card that can be used at any dining facility on campus. 

The chapter looks forward to strengthening our bond with Cal Poly Pomona as we work in partnership to ensure students safety, academic success, health and wellbeing. 

Submitted by 

Deborah Davis, VP Programs