History of Claremont Area (CA) Chapter

Through the organizing efforts of Kathyrn Anderson and Louise Mohr, the Claremont Area (CA) Chapter of the Links, Incorporated received its charter on May 26, 1985 and duly elected Link Louise Mohr as the chapter’s first president. Since its chartering, the Claremont Area Chapter has implemented exemplary programming in the community. The Claremont Area Chapter in the tradition of the Links, Incorporated is committed to linking our friendship and resources to form a chain of strength, pride and trust which works to improve the quality of life in our joint communities.  Our voluntary efforts, energies, talents and thrusts are dedicated to stimulating and supporting the positive goals and aspirations of minorities, through our commitment in our  national programmatic thrust. In our 32 year history, the Claremont Area Links has made great strides in developing and implementing exemplary programs in the Inland Empire of Southern California

1985 Charter Members of The Claremont Area (CA) Links, Incorporated


The Charter Members were:

Katherine Anderson, Loleta Barber, Cynthia Bush, Delores Covington, Barbara Davis, Margaret Dredd, Geraldine Ferguson, Marjorie Forsythe, Myra Fry, Jessie Henry Thomas, Joy Houston, Pauline January, Robin Jarrett, Dorothy Jenkins, Joann Koeller, Rosa Merchant, Diane Mohr, Louise Mohr, Patricia Morrison, Sharon Peace-Curry, ​Judy Rutherford, *Sylvia Phillips Walker, Linda Walton-Gaskins, and Rena Bruce Williams.

*Still active member of the chapter